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Greenwood Chiropractic PLLC
24 Hanover St, Suite 12-A
Lebanon, NH 03766

Dr. Lorie Greenwood provides gentle, Activator-Instrument based chiropractic care in Lebanon, NH.

Phone: (603) 727-9680
Fax: (603) 727-9561
Secure email: [email protected]

Dr. Greenwood is formerly of The Mosenthal Spine and Sport Clinic.
Most insurances are accepted: Anthem, BCBS, BCBS VT, Cigna, Harvard Pilgrim/Health Plans, United Health Care, Medicare, VT Medicaid.

Contact Dr. Lorie securely at [email protected]

Contact Dr. Lorie securely at [email protected]

About Dr. Lorie Greenwood

Dr. Lorie loves many aspects of her practice, but her 2 favorites are getting to interact with her patients, and using the Activator Analysis and Activator Chiropractic Technique to help people feel better. Her heart truly enjoys the friendly and caring relationships she has developed with the wonderful people in this community, and her brain loves the spinal puzzles she gets to solve to help her patients feel better.

The Activator Analysis is a systematic approach to physical examination that allows Dr. Lorie to test the body's reaction to specific pressures and stimuli, thus narrowing down which vertebrae/joints/muscles need to be addressed. Using this method allows her to use her analytical skills to work on each patient's specific "puzzle".

Receiving an Activator adjustment is a simple and gentle procedure that allows everyone from tweens to the elderly to receive chiropractic care and feel comfortable getting it. Dr. Lorie is an Advanced Certified Activator chiropractor, and uses a small, hand-held device to perform the adjustment. She does not twist, "crack" or "pop" the spine at all, much to the delight and relief of many patients who simply do not like the "cracking" approach. There are plenty of great chiropractors in this area that use the "cracking" techniques if that is your preference, but you can trust that you will not be "cracked" if you see Dr. Lorie.

Dr. Lorie attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX to earn her doctoral (DC) degree, and a BA in Anatomy, after having graduated from Plymouth State College with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies: Chemistry/Biology/Psychology, and a BA in Art History, all cum laude.
Dr. Lorie has extensive roots in her home state of NH, and her main hobby is genealogy. She is on the board of the NH Mayflower Society and the Daughters of the American Revolution. Family history, genetics, and DNA are all favorite topics of conversation.

The office is handicap accessible with a wheel chair lift present and accessible bathrooms.
If you are tired of Googling your symptoms and are ready to have Dr. Lorie test your spine for misalignment using the Activator Assessment, please make an appointment and let her put her analytical skills to use for you to solve your own personal puzzle.

  • Monday - Friday
    08:00am - 12:00pm
    02:00pm - 06:00pm
  • Saturday - Sunday


Dr. Lorie Greenwood's office is located on the mall of the Lebanon Green, upstairs in the long, brick building that has Salt Hill Pub on the far end and the Lebanon Diner on the near end, and sits across the path from Lebanon Village Pizza. Enter the door under the green awning labeled 24 Hanover Street, and go upstairs to the second floor. You may take the stairs or the lift on the left (you must hold the button for your floor all the way up or down if you take the lift). At the top of the stairs walk straight along the corridor until you almost get to the back stairs. Catholic Charities will be on the left and Hygeia on the right. The corridor for offices 12 A-C is to the left of the door for Hygeia. There is seating in that corridor, and suite 12-A is the last office on the left. The suite is also called "212-A" since it is on the second floor. If the door is closed, Dr. Lorie is with a patient and will be with you shortly. Please have a seat in the corridor and she'll be with you soon.